GynecomastiaAll diseases cause some form of distress or the other. However, one of the most embarrassing of all diseases is Gynecomastia. Gynecomastia is a non-malignant enlargement of breasts in males. This may occur briefly in newborns and most boys may have this during their adolescence for a couple of years. However, in older males this may be due to side effects of a range of certain medicines or reduced testosterone in older men usually when they are over sixty years of age. Men with prostate cancer may be treated with medication to suppress androgens in order to slow down or stop cancer growth but this may have an undesirable effect of Gynecomastia. Hyperthyroidism and kidney or liver failure can also bring this about. It has also been found that malnourished persons who start getting proper nutrition may have these symptoms which generally fade away within two years. So while the disease itself is not dangerous, it happens as a side effect of other dangerous scenarios.

Pseudogynecomastia And The Effect Of Diet And Exercise

One encouraging piece of information is that for the majority of cases the problem may be due to pseudogynecomastia which is caused by the deposit of fat. The fatty layers are caused by poor diet resulting in excess calories as well as by poor exercise. Fat develops over a period of time and when it crosses 30% body fat, the body starts releasing increased estrogen and this may cause the onslaught of the regular Gynecomastia. Therefore, while the body is still in pseudogynecomastia state, a program of diet and exercise should be initiated. The exercises are quite light and composed of around 40 minutes of jogging, walking, rowing and cycling. In some cases, this may need to be stepped up. Weight training can also be used and dumbbells and the inclined bench press are usually the key components. Weight training progressively puts on more muscle and these results in burning of more fat and increase the level of testosterone.

Most doctors put patients through a regimen of diet and exercise first whether the problem is pseudogynecomastia or true Gynecomastia. One way of identifying which of the two is present is to pinch the chest and see if there is a hard lump under the nipple. If it is present then the cause is probably true Gynecomastia. If, however, there is no difference to other parts of the body like the stomach, then the chances are it is pseudogynecomastia. In addition to the exercises described here, doctors will also control the diet by identifying items that are contributing to increased fat. Alcohol is a major culprit which causes increased estrogen levels thus increasing fat. Lean protein is excellent for raising metabolism and getting rid of fat. A healthy diet is the first weapon that doctors use in fighting Gynecomastia.

Gynecomastia PillsGynecomastia Treatment Using Pills And Creams

For those who are lazy or unwilling to go through the rigors of controlled diet and exercise, there are many pills and creams available in the market with claims to dramatically reduce Gynecomastia. Some pills like Gynexin claim to treat the disease by increasing testosterone levels while, at the same time, lowering estrogen levels which contribute to Gynecomastia, and cause reduced appetite. There has been no study of the effects of these pills and medication and so there is no evidence to support or deny such claims. Since, there does not seem to be any harmful effects of these medication, most people tend to try them first and then, if not satisfied, proceed to more rigorous treatment.

Surgical Treatment Of Gynecomastia

If non-surgical methods have been tried for over a year with no improvement, then surgery is the only option available. Surgical methods are broadly divided into those treatment methods that require skin removal and those that do not.  Subcutaneous mastectomy is the most common surgical treatment requiring skin removal.  Ultrasonic liposuction is one of the popular methods with excellent results without removing the skin. There are several risks present in these surgical options such as wound infections, variation in sensation, scars and deformities and non-symmetrical breast results.

Gynecomastia is, in most cases, not dangerous or harmful but is usually an indication of the presence of other lethal diseases like cancer or tumors. Hence, medical attention is strongly recommended at the earliest opportunity.

Are you a male that has problems with your enlarged breasts? If you are, it is the time to take a diet that can help reduce male breasts.

There are organic and inorganic products that you can eat in order to fight off gynecomastia or male breast enlargement. This is why it shouldn’t be difficult for you to find the foods that can help you with your problem. Moreover, the included foods in your diet are so common that you can buy them in supermarkets and even online.

 Causes of Male Breast Enlargement

There are basically two causes of male breast enlargement. First are the increased estrogen levels in the body accompanied by decreased testosterone levels. Second is due to the excessive increase in weight or obesity.

 Diet for Your Gynecomastia

 Don’t be depressed if you have gynecomastia. Yes, it is really embarrassing for a guy to have large breasts. There are lots of male out there who experience this and don’t know how to deal with it. Actually, reducing the breast size is not that hard and all you need is determination for it to happen.phytoestrogen foods

It will take you quite some time to decrease your breast size if you are doing exercise alone. But, adding some diet that can help reduce male breasts will make it faster.

Since gynecomastia is due to accumulation of large amounts of estrogen in the male’s body (and decreased testosterone), avoiding foods that support estrogen levels is a good start. Soy products are your worst enemy and you should really stay away from them. Soy contains a substance called phytoestrogen. This compound upsets the formation of male androgens, increases estrogen levels in the body and therefore, can result to gynecomastia.

The other chemicals to avoid are lead, lavender oil and tea tree oil. Researchers found out that these elements are related to male breast enlargement. That is why it is better to stay away from products that contain these compounds.

Don’t Reach for that Salt Shaker

Do you know that excessive intake of salt can also be a cause of gynecomastia? Yes, it is, however, it is only secondary. Salt is known to maintain the fluids in the body because it contains electrolytes. This is the reason why your breasts will appear more enlarged because fluid accumulates in them.

Foods to Enjoy

 Now that you know the don’ts, you can now move to the do’s. The foods that you can take depend on the cause of your gynecomastia.

For example, a guy can take egg yolks if he has large breasts, but he is not fat. You can say that the gynecomastia of the male is due to increased estrogen levels. On the other hand, if a male is obese and has gynecomastia, egg yolks are not recommended because it contains too much cholesterol and it may only worsen the condition.

Increasing your testosterone levels is the basics of the diet that can help reduce male breasts. There are lots of foods out there that can raise the level of your testosterone hormone in the body. These include:

  • Grapes
  • Avocado
  • Tuna
  • Egg yolk (not for the obese)

Isn’t it that these products are very common and can be bought easily? This is why it will not be difficult for you to find these foods so you can include them in your diet.

Foods that are rich in zinc are very helpful. Zinc is an element that helps in the formation of testosterone. Aside from that, the body of a male is also constantly reducing zinc because it is required for the production of semen.


There are also other products that you can add to your diet to assist you in reducing your breast size. Honey contains boron and is found associated with high levels of testosterone. The foods that help build the muscles, such as the milk, can also decrease the amount of estrogen in the body. Moreover, you can also get rid of the excess estrogens if you eat cabbage regularly.

If you really want to reduce your breast size, accompany your proper diet with regular exercise. You can do workouts at the gym. But, if you don’t have enough money, simple pushups or cardio can help you decrease the size of your breast.

gynexinIf you’re a man and you’re suffering from gynecomastia, also known as man boobs, there’s a good chance that you’ve heard of the Gynexin Alpha Formula. It’s a formula that promises to solve the issues that you’re having with your man boobs. Of course, you want to know more about it before you try it out which is just right considering that there are a lot of products out there that promise the same thing. At the very least, you want to know more information about it before you decide to try it.

What is Gynecomastia?Gynecomastia

Are you wondering if you have this condition? Simply put, it’s a condition that enlarges the breasts of a male. You see how this can be problematic. The term alone is embarrassing – man boobs. Men are not supposed to have boobs.

Basic Things about the Gynexin Alpha Formula

It comes in a capsule form. It comes in a container of 60 capsules. You’re supposed to make it a daily habit to take it. Specifically, you need to take a capsule in the morning and one more in the evening. You need to take both capsules before taking your meal.

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What is this Formula Promising?

This formula promises to be a good treatment option for gynecomastia. In fact, its manufacturers are saying that you should try it before considering surgery which is a very expensive option. With that being said, it’s marketed as a natural solution and a non-invasive one at that.

How it Works

Gynecomastia is often caused by fatty cells that build up around the breast area. This formula has natural ingredients that zap these fatty cells. These ingredients do two things – reduce the size of the cells and lower their number. This can lead to a more sculpted chest which is way better than having saggy man boobs.

Is it Safe to Use?

This is a valid concern because there are a lot of products out there that are not fit for human consumption. You wouldn’t want to make things worse by being sick in addition to having man boobs.

You’ll be happy to know that the Gynexin  is made up of natural ingredients. This is why it’s considered as an herbal formula. If that’s not enough to comfort you, you have to know that this formula was developed by some of the most respected nutritionists and herbalists in the world.

However, there are safety tips that you have to follow to ensure your safety when taking this formula. For starters, you can’t take more than 4 capsules within a 24 hour period. Also, you should take it with an 8 ounce glass of water.

Ingredients of the Formula

Check out these ingredients to have peace of mind knowing that you’re taking in safe ingredients:

  • Chromium in the form of Picolinate
  • Guggulsterones which is a plant resin
  • Theobromine Cacao which is a fruit
  • Green Tea Extract which is a leaf
  • Caffeine
  • Sclareolides which is a seed
  • Proprietary blend of Gynexin

Is it a Good Option?
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Of course, surgery remains as the best option to treat your man boobs. But what if you don’t have the money for it? Ask around and you’ll find out that you need at least $4,500 for this type of surgery. Also, what if you don’t want to undergo surgery because you don’t want to expose yourself to potential problems?

If these are your concerns, Gynexin Alpha Formula is a good option. It’s a safe formula with ingredients that are proven to be very effective at targeting fatty cells. It can help you at least improve the appearance of your man boobs, so why not give it a try?

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