Commonly Asked Questions on Gynecomastia Surgery

What is Gynecomastia surgery?

gynecomastia FAQThis is a surgical procedure that aims to improve an enlarged breast of a male’s appearance. In order to make the breast appear flatter and firmer, excess fat, skin and breast tissue will need to be removed.

What is the cause of Gynecomastia?

Every man has a little breast tissue in the chest. But there are instances when it grows and it becomes noticeable. Reasons for this might be being on the heavy side, changes in the hormones (usually happens during puberty and later stages of life), dysfunction in the endocrine gland and medications.

Who will experience Gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia usually affects men in their adolescence or when they are older because of the hormonal stages. However, men of any age can have excess breast tissue.

When is Gynecomastia surgery needed?

This condition usually goes away especially for men in the adolescent stage. However, if you have had Gynecomastia for at least a year, you will probably need to resort to surgical intervention to get rid of the excess tissue in the chest. During consultation, the doctor will talk to the patient about the available options and if you need to go through surgery.

Who is qualified for the procedure?

The candidate must be in good health condition, should not have any active disease or existing conditions and expectations for the procedure must be realistic. As much as possible, candidates and heir doctors need to find out the cause of their condition.

What can be expected from a Gynecomastia surgical procedure consultation?

The doctor will review the patient’s full medical history, talk about the goals of the person for going through the procedure and answer any questions regarding Gynecomastia. Patients can also review photos of previous patients who have gone through the procedure. This is the time when doctors will discuss with their patients what could possibly happen and provide complete details of the procedure.

How is it performed?

Patient will need to be placed under general anesthesia and patient need not be admitted to the hospital. The procedure usually takes one to two hours. The unwanted breast tissue will be taken out by liposuction. A small incision has to be done in order to take it out. However, for patients hat needs a lot of skin and glandular tissue  to be removed, the doctor will need to use the extraction method so that he can sculpt the chest and recontour it.

What can be expected right after the surgery?

Patient will get minor bruises on the area that the procedure was done on but this will go away in a few days. Patient will also notice swelling right after the procedure and could remain for the next few weeks. To help reduce part of the swelling, patients can try using support garments and compresses.

Is it painful?

It is possible to have aches in the chest but the doctor will prescribe patients the right pain medication to keep the pain at a tolerable level.

How long will the recovery period be?

It normally takes around two weeks to recover from this procedure. Recovery period varies though depending on the status of the patient’s health condition and the  technique used during the procedure.